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New format of advertising

Автор: Andriy Isaev

Herewith let us offer to your kind attention in the form of E-OGO - is the hugest «On Line Business Card» of the Universe framed on the principle of manual editing. It is a unique and exclusive business card holder of large-scale access to your piece of information, products and services taking into consideration your target audience!
“On Line Business Card” is much greater and more considerable than some separate advertising technologies, «Business card» is a comprehensive and integrated advertising tool that might be compared with handing over of Your private business card directly in hand of a potential client or a partner. Even if one compares it with advertising placement in any newspapers or journals, «Business card» will have more advantages and benefits acting as an elite banner for an instantaneous junction with Your Web site, forming Your company` s prestige and popularity 24 hours per a day and night!
As you already know, a price for an advertising will fluctuate from 100 up to 1 000 000 $, and you will unambiguously agree that a half of the advertising budget is wasted. Upon that there is no control on the part of an Advertiser. Price depends on number of the clicks that can be overestimated and an appropriate demonstrations churning surcharge is also applied
Do You make similar mistakes? Is it a fact or a rule? At the present moment it makes no difference as the core principle of E-OGO is "Creative decision – High efficiency- The Lowest Price"!
Nowadays there is no necessity for you to expend hundreds if not thousands of dollars on any advertisements that will be published only once and will be forgotten, in fact a rule of E-OGO will allow avoiding such mistakes, protecting you from any fears and possible risks for 7 years! Yes, indeed namely advertising published on a continuous basis will provide and ensure a flow of orders. And that will be each day over a period of many years!
“On Line Business Card” will assist in Your object achieving! Increase of sales volume, “ultimately You do not require demonstrations, You do need actions such as purchases, orders and et cetera”. A Business Card is developed for people task-oriented for goods and services search and that means that Your advertising will be forwarded directly to a potential client motivated to carry out purchases or to get any services. If You are tired to pursue millions of a site` s visitors, let us go finding the millionth buyer. It is extremely easy as to multiply 2×2. To commence an advertising campaign, you shall send a scanned copy of business card or having enclosed in an envelope to mail in accordance with stipulated address for correspondence.
E-OGO grants some special conditions of placement and model of payment implies payment under fixed rate upon that quantity of demonstrations and traffic will not be considered, and consequently, it will not be paid! Having sent an application among the first, “You will cause envy!” You have all chances to place Your Business Card at heading of the first (front) page of the played up display, now therefore Your Company will have leading positions without any additional expenses and upon that it is warranted that placement on the first positions will be carried out during the complete and whole Contract` s validity period.
Who else, except for YOU AND US, can estimate such advantage! “It makes no difference what stage of development Your business is, prima facie it is important brand positioning that reflects its essence and difference from the others”.
«On Line Business Card» is a permanent marketing support of Your business. Having placed Your Business Card, You form a legal and effective advertising of Your Company and thereby it enables to boost and broaden PR presence at the advertising market and will increase number of new clients without any high costs. E-OGO does not acknowledge any cheap obsessive advertising and other Internet garbage. We take charge of a product` s image that is advertised by You.
The core and key man` s fear is apprehensiveness so we offer Your Company future protecting You from all and any qualms and possible risks!
Respectfully Yours,
Producer of the project Andre Isayev

Andriy Isayev

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